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    Startup failure on splash screen

    Amanda Nelson

      I'm the IT admin of my company and one of my users has been unable to use their application for the past few days.


      Attempting to launch the program does yield the startup splash screen but before it is able to fully launch, the program closes and kills the process.


      I've done all that I can think of to remedy this already but have had no results as of yet. Since I'm not a solidworks user myself my knowledge of the program, let alone how to support it, is minimal at best.


      I'd like to note that this only started occurring when my users upgraded to solidworks 2017 SP 4.1, previously there were no issues.


      I did have them try to uninstall the new version and reinstall the old version but the problem persists.


      I'm happy to provide any additional information one may need to assist with this.


      Thank you in advance.


      -Edited for more information as things have been attempted-This immediately started happening after upgrading from 2017 SP 3 to SP 4.1. It always hangs up/auto-closes the splash screen at "Verifying License...". Uninstalling and re-installing 2017 SP 3 did not help. Using Solidworks Rx' System Maintenance to clear out backup directory did not help.


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          Todd Blacksher


          Have you contacted your SOLIDWORKS Reseller (VAR) regarding this issue yet?

          This should be the quickest method to resolve your issue.

          If that has already been done, and you are waiting for a response, or are looking for other ideas, this is the place to be.


          I believe that there was a post regarding this a little while back, I will see if I can find it.

          edit: this is the post - Solution, SolidWorks hangs on splash screen at startup - Unfortunately this has not been resolved, but there is some good info.

          A full uninstall / reinstall usually does the trick, but it sounds as though that was already attempted.


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            Ken Maren

            Did you clean out the temp directories?   I had this happen with a user recently, completely out of the blue, and I cleared out all the temp directories along with the users' backup directories.  

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                Amanda Nelson

                I just used Solidworks Rx's System Maintenance to clear out the temp directories. This did not fix the problem.

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                    Kelef Man

                    hei'ya Amanda,


                    would you have the possibilities of :-

                    a (convenient) restore point-

                    or a system backup-

                    or the capability to recover thru

                    a shadow recovery program-

                    to return to the previously working scenario

                    and then try:-

                    with SolidWorks closed

                    windows button/program menu

                    type- regedit and select "Regedit.exe" with rmb

                    run as admin

                    In the Registry Editor,



                    >SolidWorks 2017 (your version installed)

                    right click your version: SolidWorks 2017

                    and rename "SolidWorks 2017 old" or "SolidWorks 2017 buggy"

                    launch SW and you will be like a new user

                    just for good measure refresh(F5) the regedit window

                    to see your new folder Solidworks ####(ver)

                    you can reclaim the old settings-

                    delete the latest folder-

                    and rename the "old" folder as your version



                    my best guess if it was working before


                    hope this helps- have a good'n kelef



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                  Logan Pegler

                  Hi Amanda,


                  Hopefully you have contacted your VAR for assistance as Todd mentioned.


                  Aside from that perhaps try the following:

                  -Try renaming the Flexnet folder under C:\ProgramData

                  -Make sure windows updates are installed and up to date (I had an issue not too long ago where my SolidWorks wouldn't boot as in a rush I shut down my computer during a windows update.)

                  -If you are using a network license, make sure that this is defined correctly in the network license manager and there are no extra servers listed.

                  -If its a standalone license, ensure it can connect to the internet.

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                    Amanda Nelson

                    Thank you everyone for your responses. I got into contact with my VAR and they resolved the issue. This is what they described to me:
                    "The program that runs the license activation was tied to invalid registry links. Fixing those also revealed that the program itself was unable to launch properly due to what we believe to be file corruption. A full reinstall of just the licensing program and then an manual running of it to reactivate the license allowed us to properly launch SolidWorks once again."


                    So what exactly caused this, I'm not sure, but it's fixed now!