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    Graphics Card Drivers

    Maha Nadarasa

      Where to find these thing?



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          Austin Broeker

          I could be wrong, but I believe "Certified" means the driver has been tested for compatibility with Solidworks and has passed all tests, while "Tested" just means that they tested the driver for its compatibility but it didn't necessarily pass, or it has some limitations.


          If you are looking to update a driver for a computer you already have, I recommend choosing "Certified". If you can't find anything for your specific computer configuration, then you can try choosing "Tested".



          I tried going to the website to see what options were available when you choose "Tested" and it doesn't populate with anything, so "Certified" might be the only way to really search for anything anyways.


          Also, I realized that you may have been asking how to find what graphics card is installed on your computer - go to Device Manager, the graphics card should be listed under "display adapters" or something similar:

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            Christian Chu

            This if info from SW's RX

            if you continue to fill out the below info, you can find the current driver for your video card