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Small assembly suddenly goes huge ?

Question asked by Stephen Santarossa on Sep 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2017 by Stephen Santarossa

Just started an assembly, and when I drop the customer parts in, the assembly file suddenly goes huge (i.e 180 MB - 500 MB bigger than the assembly should be.  The customer parts are small molded pieces ( a few MB each) and likely originated in Catia.    I am working in SW2017-4.1 ---- I have not used 2017 much, so not sure if this is a SW2017 issue, or just funky parts.   In the customer part assemblies, I did notice some part faces that should be parallel actually .0001 - 004 degree off, but otherwise no gaps or faulty faces and they are solid.     I have re-created the customer parts a few times, and tried exporting them to IGES and importing them again, but does not help.    I changed the customer parts assembly to a part, and that seemed to work for a few hours, but then did a "save" and noticed how slow it was, and behold assembly file grew by 160 MB.


Any body seen this before or can offer any suggestions ?