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visual basic app error

Question asked by Juan Villalobos on Sep 23, 2017

Hello, I am currently taking an Advanced Solidworks Class, I have installed the Engineering Kit for students year 2017. After I try opening solidworks I get an error that says "visual basic app error, are you low on disk space" and I have attached an screenshot to the forum. I have a alienware laptop so I know solidworks engineering kit will run well. I have windows 10 and visual basic app 7.1. I saw a post from forum on 2016 about how you need to uninstall it visual basic apps and then reinstall it. I don't quite understand how to uninstall it since the instruction are very teachy but I am not a computer geek.

     I would like help resolving this issue in step by step simple instructions if possible because I would like to keep practicing my solidwork skills on my own.