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Signing up for Solidworks Student Edition with my school's details doesn't send me a license code via email.

Question asked by Oliver Barretto on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by J. Mather

Last year, I downloaded Solidworks 2016-2017 Student Edition by filling out with mine and the school's details. After doing so, an email was sent to my specified email address with the license code to be used in the installation manager - this all worked fine and Solidworks installed using this code. However, now that this license has expired after 365 days, I need to renew my license, as I graduate in July 2018 so still need access to Solidworks until then.


I therefore filled in the license form again with the same details, except that I chose Solidworks SE 2017-2018 instead, but this time I haven't been sent any license code - when I try to use the installation manager, it automatically fills the license code section with the code from last year, which obviously doesn't work as it is for the 2016 version of Solidworks. I have also tried to just reuse this code in the 2016 version installer again, but to no avail - it still says that the license has expired. Does anyone have any idea either why this is happening, or how else I can renew my license?




EDIT: I have included a more detailed description of my problem in a reply below.