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Flow Express crashes swx EVERY time I close it out...

Question asked by Kevin Andrews on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Kevin Andrews

Excuse me for sounding frustrated here, but......


EVERY time I close out of FloXpress Analysis Wizard, my system crashes and I am greeted with that lovely "Please tell us how you crashed the system" screen.


I have entered no-less-than 4 entries on that screen thus far and I still haven't had anyone contact me regarding the situation. Do those reports even go anywhere???


Everything runs absolutely perfect in the command...all the way until I click on the or ...and then it crashes out...EVERY TIME!!!!


Luckily, I have come to expect this behavior. So, I make sure I save all of my open work before running the simulation. It is just irritating to have to allow everything to close out and shut down...then have to start everything back up and get everything reconnected to the PDM....


Anyone else experiencing this problem???