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    Locate/open replace file

    David Nelson

      This error message gives 3 choices.  No matter which one you pick each time you open this file you get the error.  Not even sure why this error is coming up.  started happening with 2017 Sp3.  There are a bunch of files with this same part and some get the error.  Have not figured out why some and not all.





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          Dan Pihlaja

          Can you share a Pack and go ZIP file of the assembly?


          What is kind of sounds like is the following scenario:

          Inside the same folder as your Assembly file you have a part file with the exact same name as the one that you want to point to that is in a different folder.  This file has broken/dangling references, while the one you want to point to doesn't have broken references.  Can you check for this?

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              David Nelson

              As far as I can find there is only one subassembly that is causing this.  A Pack and go may just correct it.  Depending on the Sub Assembly it will be in a different folder and location.  Even the parts that make up the sub assembly will be in a different folder.


                I have been trying but so far I find only one instance of each sub assembly and part.  But am still checking.


                I will say the parts that work are newer parts the ones that are failing are all older part.  But saving them to the current version of Solidworks does not help.

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              David Nelson

              There is now a SPR# 1093556 .  On this.

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                David Nelson

                I have a solution but its not a good one and very time consuming

                1. Open the assembly pick new location.

                2. Print report of those Items causing the problem.

                3. Locate and move those parts to a temp folder.

                4. Open the assembly again and re associate those part with assembly in the new location.

                5. Close Assembly.

                6. Move the parts back to the correct folder.

                7. Reopen the Assembly, for some reason it will find that you have moved them and open them from that location.

                8.  Assembly now no longer has any errors.


                I will correct them as I find them, I may never fix all of them.  but at least now I do have a fix.