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Purge Configuration Data method?

Question asked by Tyler Johnson on Sep 21, 2017

Wondering if anyone knows of an api call to purge configuration data while a document is open.  In SW you do this by running the configuration tree context menu command "Rebuild/Save Mark > Remove Mark and Purge Data for All Configurations". 


I'm already purging the data when the document is saved.  My issue is I have a PDM Task Host server running a custom plugin.  It cycles through all the configurations to export them as separate step files and I am running into memory/speed issues with large assemblies with 300+ configurations.  I'm already running this overnight as it can take several hours some days.


As a work around for now I close and reopen the document after ever 50 configurations that have been activated.  I think you may also achieve the same desired effect by having swPurgeAllBodiesForNonActiveConfigurations toggled and saving the document without closing.  But that really doesn't work for me because I'm processing controlled documents in the vault.


Any input appreciated, thanks!