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Tubing CPoint Minimum Straight Length

Question asked by Brian Poelman on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Brian Poelman

Hi All. Our company uses SW routing for lots of piping and tube routing. When creating our standard library I've noticed the CPoint property of "minimum straight length". I assume this intended to specify a minimum straight length that is required before any bends or other fittings which is exactly what I want to specify; however other than setting a value. I've never seen it used anywhere. I can set a minimum straight length of 15 mm for a fitting's CPoint but when I use the fitting in a route, if I reduce the straight length to 10 mm I get no warnings or errors.


Is there some functionality that I'm missing? It seem as if it's just an unused property to me. Does the value entered here make a difference anywhere?


Thank-you for your assistance.