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Why does Solidworks add the automatic border over sheet format?

Question asked by Duane Weatherford on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

I am having trouble with the Automatic Border.  I have a sheet format that I have used in the past without issue in my drawings.  Now in Solidworks 2016 if I go into the properties of the drawing and change the sheet scale the Automatic Border is added and I have 2 borders.


I then tried redrawing my sheet format with the Automatic borders and it looked great on the first drawing.  I tried to make my second drawing and the Margin Mask that I set up in my automatic border does not work.  I go in to Automatic Borders to fix the mask therefore I have 2 borders again.  I have figured out how to delete the old border in the tree but I shouldn't have to fix the border for every new drawing.  This was all done in my old sheet format so that I would not have to mess with it.  What am I missing?  This seems like going backwards.


I have tried with another document and have been left with a border or region numbers that I cannot delete or select.


I am suspecting that some of this will be fixed with using a Document Template instead but it seems to make using a Sheet Format by itself useless.


I have searched around and not found anyone really complaining about this issue.  Am I the only one?


By the way I am using Solidworks 2016 because that is what the customer requested.  I am not sure how this works in newer versions.