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    Save As Macro

    Alexander Klammer



      I´m totally new to composer and composer api.


      But is it possible to write a save as macro or a batch save as for composer also?




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          Deepak Gupta

          I'm sure that you can do API in composer as it has the SaveAs code but not sure if this can be made to process in batch.


          What exactly you looking to do?

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              Alexander Klammer

              Hi Deepak,


              I was able to dig into composer api a bit and test the SaveAs code but i only was able to get it to work for *.smg, *.smgxml and *.smgproj.


              I have to save a lot of *.smg files as *.3ds and if i i could do it with a single mouse click per file that would be nice or even with a batch that would be great
              For some reason however - if i try to save as *.3ds via api i always get the return value "false" which indicates it failed. Maybe i´m doing something wrong - or It´s a limitation to avoid using it as a batch tool and to buy composer sync.