Dennis Parr

Resource monitor doesn't recognize my OS & doesn't see video card until I reload result.

Discussion created by Dennis Parr on Sep 20, 2017

When I run resource monitor it doesn't recognize Win 10 as being from a valid system manufacture. Dell Precision 5810 is a certified box. When I first open resource monitor it also doesn't recognize my video card.

If I reload result it recognizes the video card.

After reloading the results the card model changes and the driver version changes.

I also get a message every time I start Solidworks telling me that my system has been updated and need to reboot. I reboot, start Solidworks and I get the message again. If I restarted every time I got this message I'd spend all day doing nothing but rebooting my box. So obviously I ignore the message and just reboot my box before I leave for the day.


I don't think there is any fix for this. I'm probably the only person seeing this. It is just annoying to get these false failure message all the time. I've run the graphics card in open GL mode and all that happens is images fade after closing a file when I have multiple files open and until I click in the graphics window the "ghost" image of the file I just closed (or dialog) just stays there.