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Does anyone else miss the old Equations Box as much as I do? Syntax incorrect......

Question asked by Eric Salvo on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Eric Salvo

Ever since the old equations box was replace more than a few years back, I have been using workarounds to avoid equations. Every so often I try it again and "The syntax of this equation is incorrect". It's annoying because the same thing used to work and was quite useful. Usually it is something that should be simple such as "D4@Sketch21=D4@Sketch20" or "D3@Sketch28=D5@Sketch22*1.5".


Is there a way to set up an equation by clicking a dimension inside a sketch and telling Solidworks that it equals a dimension in another sketch? Or even that it equals another dimension from another sketch divided by or times a number? There must be a way do drive a dimension in one sketch from a dimension in another that I'm not finding.