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    Part Extraction Error

    Dárius Kuraś

      Hi Everybody,

      In most of my projects I use appearance gruping so theres no monitor file option. Now I decided to remowe few geometries from project that I have spend a lot of time on. So No way to recreate project. I decided to extract these undesired geometries from parts. I worked nice as I expected until I reached to one part. So I have selected it, right clicked and selected extract as usual. So now the "fun begins". Im unable to select most of the geometries of this part. It even selects for spliting geometry of part that is out of view. Also tryed show only mode. Does anyone experienced something like this?


      All the best Dárius Kuraś.

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          Andreas Olofsson

          Yes, I've also experienced it quite a lot in the 2017 release. When I click on the area I want extracted it selects a totally different area. No matter where I click it selects that same incorrect geometry. Frustrating... Haven't found any workaround.

          No other choice than to go into SW and get rid of the geometry there and re-import to Visualize... Far from ideal.

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            Brian Hillner

            Hi Darius,


            We have been aware of this issue and have taken steps to remedy it. The Visualize R&D team has made some improvements to our current Part Splitter, which actually proved to be quite difficult to fix. But since they're so awesome, we will be including our updated Part Splitting tool in our upcoming Visualize 2018 SP0 release.


            This release will be publicly available in a couple weeks! Please update to Visualize 2018 SP0 and re-test with your same file. Then re-test with a new file, that hasn't been opened in previous Visualize versions. If you are still running into issues, please reply back to this thread to we can track it.


            @Andreas - same as above for you, please! Thanks!

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              Ron Bates

              Hi Darius/Andreas,


              Can either of you share (private message  me if you like) an example file...we can put to the test?  Or at least some more detail. 


              Most importantly how are you importing the geometry (what grouping mode? Or using Add-In?) 


              NOTE that the part splitter works on just that..."Visualize parts".    In the case of imported SW data, multi-body geometry could still import as a single part depending on how it was imported.