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    Intel Iris Plus 640 GPU OpenGL issues

    Kevin Brown

      I am trying to run SW17 on my new surface pro. It has Intel Iris Plus 640 GPU. I have been having issues with the OpenGL. I saw in a few forums where people would go in and change the regedit for solidworks hardware. My registry only has the Intel Iris Pro listed, not the Intel Iris Plus. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get this resolved? or I am going to have to wait for a software or hardware update?

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          Michael Katzmann

          I have a Dell XPS 13 and it too has the "Intel Iris Plus 640".

          It is unusable when drawing some outlines. (I understand this is an OpenGL problem).  I'm also looking for a solution.

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            Dave Bear

            I have done the "Realview Hack" to my system. When I did it, I had to try several different values before I found one that actually worked. Also note the hack does not work with every card........


            My only suggestion would be more google research and see if others suggest a different value by chance.



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                Nate Schmidt

                Can you recommend values to try and could a value potentially mess up any hardware?

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                    Dave Bear

                    Nate Schmidt wrote:


                    Can you recommend values to try and could a value potentially mess up any hardware?

                    40408 worked for me.........



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                        John Fitzgerald

                        Thanks man; this made me rethink my decision to stray from a history of using Surface Pros for my SW work. I really wanted a machine that could handle RealView for flashy quick presentations. I struggled along with Surface Pros 1 thru 4 (Which all have Intel HDs), and with the new 2017 version not having a beefy GPU, I gave up. I got an HP Spectre 360x, which is fine, but it's bulky and gets hot...it's really a pain in the ass, and quite honesty, it takes the fun out of work. My Surface Pro 4 has an Iris 540, so I figured I'd give the registry tweek a go...lo-and-behold, it WORKED! I ended up using 80408; I've attached link to a Surface Pro 4 i7 registry file for SW2018 for anyone who needs it. I'll be selling my HP & SP4 and picking up a Surface Pro 2017 forthwith!


                        SurfacePro4_i7_Iris540_SW2018.reg - Google Drive

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                            Ronald Chasse

                            I have a Surface Pro 2017 and it seems like none of these hex numbers worked for me. How did you figure out what hex number to use?

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                                John Fitzgerald

                                Uh oh! I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new Surface Pro 2017. As I type, it's on the UPS truck and I'll have it tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out for me. I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't work.


                                Are you applying the attached registry-file? Are you running SW 2018?

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                                    Ronald Chasse

                                    I tried applying the attached reg file but it did not work. I am currently running SW 2017 so maybe that is why.

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                                        John Fitzgerald

                                        I just checked on my delivery...UPS was meant to deliver between 2:45 and 6:45...it's 2:00 here...they TRIED TO DELIVER @ 1:30!!! F'ing UPS...I made arrangements with work to take a half-day to be there for the delivery too (which requires a signature).


                                        That's all...I just felt like complaining to someone.

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                                          John Fitzgerald

                                          Well, I got my Surface Pro 2017 last-night, and so far I'm a bit disappointed.


                                          Out of the gate, SW18's responsiveness stunk, and I needed to adjust the Intel hardware registry key workaround to have it work properly. SW crashed the very first time after this "improvement" whilst closing an unsaved part. This alarmed me, but I haven't had another crash after several hours of poking around.


                                          For reference, I have SW18 working nicely on a Surface Pro 4 with an Iris 540, and RealView's working flawlessly.


                                          None of the Hardware/Shader registry Workaround hacks have breathed life into RealView thus far. I went to the extent of copying my SP4's SOLIDWORKS2018 registry-branch and BeyondComparing it (and updating) my SP5's...no go.


                                          I even installed the latest Iris 540 drivers on the SP5 after fiddling with the installer's INF to fool it into thinking they were 640 Plus drivers ... nope.


                                          I haven't given up yet though; I was ecstatic I'd gotten RV working so smoothly on my SP4, but I really needed more memory for other intensive processes I rely on my machine for...I figured the beefier SP5 with a "better" sibling graphics-card would be a no-brainier. Oh well...


                                          As for Workaround DWORDs...if anyone can give me a primer on what they're doing exactly, and where these lists of mysterious symmetrical numbers come from, I'd really appreciate it. If I knew what they actually did, maybe I could intelligently adjust them to get things working.


                                          I'll post any successes.


                                          For my future reference:












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                              Steven Spitzer

                              Realview with Intel IRIS plus 640


                              After putting together bits and pieces of information, then troubleshooting problems after upgrading to Win10 Pro and then having it not work after updating to the latest video driver.  I think I figured out what's important to make Realview work with Intel Iris Plus 640.  Mine being on a Dell XPS 13 9360.



                              First Thing:


                              Running Regedit, go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SOLIDWORKS 2018 (or what ever year you're on)\Performance\Graphics\Hardware\.


                              Go to "Current", then double click "Renderer" and copy the name of your GPU as SolidWorks sees it.


                              Expand the "Intel" folder and you see several Intel cards but not ours.  We need to have a key with the exact name we copied from the "current" folder.  That key needs two sub-keys,V001 & V002, exactly like the other similar cards in the Intel folder.


                              There are two things you can do.

                              Create the new key and sub-keys complete with names and Dword values exactly the same as say, the Intel(R) HD Graphics P keys.

                              Or, since we don't have the Intel(R) HD Graphics P card, just rename it to be our Iris Plus card.


                              The values for all the cards in the Intel folder are the same except for the first one so don't use it.



                              Second Thing:


                              Now expand the "Gl2shaders" folder then the "Other" folder.  Here you will find other Intel cards but not ours.  Add a new key and name it exactly the same as the "renderer" in the "current folder".


                              Add to it a Dword (32 bit) called "Workarounds", and give it a value.  At this point, it seems any value will work.  I can even leave it set to 0.



                              Third Thing:


                              Pay attention to the first thing.  When I updated my video driver to the latest, Realview stopped working. WTF?  I searched the registry for every instance of "Intel(R) Iris(TM) Plus Graphics 640" and saw it didn't find the one in the "Current" folder.  The new driver now calls it "Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics 640".


                              Notice the "Iris(TM)" is now "Iris(R)"?  I renamed my keys and I was happy happy happy!



                              Got Realview on my laptop,  The graphics act the same as my workstation, integrated preview and all, and it has a Quadro 600.

                              Hope this works for everyone with this GPU.




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                                Drake Merians

                                I was able to use this fix but now my SolidWorks is instantly crashing.  Any suggestions?

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                                  Steven Spitzer

                                  2019, happy new year!


                                  This is just a status report on how I’m doing with RealView.


                                  On my Dell XPS 13 9360 I updated the BIOS and all drivers from Dell, graphics included.  Windows 10 is up to date.  SW 2019 sp0 is installed.


                                  Using the procedure above, I have RealView working with 2019.  However, SW crashes when making a sketch.  When I reinstall the most previous driver from Dell, which is “Intel-HD-620-and-Iris-Graphics-640_M10YG_WIN_22.20.16.4836_A09”, RealView works very well.  Drivers from Intel don’t work on the Dell.


                                  I also tried running the recent Real Hack 6.0.0. It made no difference in this setup, though it works very well with regular cards in a desktop and is easy to use. It works with 2018 & 19 and may work with earlier versions.  It may work on other laptops as well.



                                  2019 RealView works with my Iris Plus 640.

                                  Driver is good.

                                  Driver is bad.