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Sheet metal flange with tab merging 2 flanges on the same plane can not be un bent

Question asked by Harold Bayford on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by Harold Bayford

    So I had this tricky sheet metal part to model for a customer . I couldn't seem to build the part and then add the cut out on the top with out errors (This feature can not be unbent). So I made pre cuts to make them separate flanges running on the same plane. if you have a look at the pictures of the part you can see I have these 3 flanges coming off the one over 90° bend. Then I add the next flange at 90° and tried to merge this area all together with drawing in the relief .  but if I merge these tabs to the adjacent flanges it will not unbend (this has features that can not be un bent). So in the end I left spaces between the tabs and flanges and it let me unbend it, after that I opened the flat in CADD and just trimmed  and extended where I needed to make the flat correct. Anyone know how or if this can be done without having to modify the flat in CADD? IE merge the adjacent flanges and have them unbend?


Also I am still waiting on production to run this part to see if it works out.


I appreciate any help

Thank you