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Impromptu Meeting Announcement

Question asked by Jerry Kassil on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by Steve Levan

Please mark your calendar for this one. We have been notified that SW Product Definition will be in our neighborhoods during the week of October 16th. Jody Stiles (Parts-Features, Advanced Hole, Toolbox) and Rob Jost (Parts-Features, Sketching, Splines, Surfacing) have offered to make themselves available to present. I know this is short notice and I know October will be packed with Reseller rollout events, but these guys don’t travel westward every day. Having the opportunity to learn about new features from the people actually defining them and giving them direct feedback is a rare opportunity.


We have just about secured space at LCCC University Partners meeting room in North Ridgeville for Monday October 16th. Look for confirmation on this one no later than next week and help us get the word out.