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    PDM STANDARD incomplete file list in SW view of vault

    Gordon Rigg

      I have an issue with the file lists that show on the right hand window in the solidworks application, affecting as far as I can tell so far, only our view of the files in our standard parts library (which is


      I have copied these directories and files into the vault - previously they were all showing fine.They all have the same status. None of them are checked out by anyone.


      Comparing the views designer1 and designer 2 have - (both designers are in the designer group with identical permissions etc.)



      here is designer 2 who can see everything


      Designer three has the same issue - and the local settings there are copied from designer2. So it appear not to be a local settings issue.


      Its not a job stopper because we can see everything in the vault explorer window and access the files from there.

      Now if we drag a no show file from there into a solidworks assembly they show up in the list and continue to do so.

      So how to make this list fully populate? Why is it populated for one user and not the others?

      What can I do to fix it for all?

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            Gordon Rigg

            cache options.png

            The above answer from Jim Sculley applies correctly to newly created parts not showing up after they are created.

            This setting forces a cache update at log in and made all the missing parts show up. I'm not sure how the individual seats managed to obtain such a sketchy cache of the vault files because I didnt create the users until the vault was fully populated... it looks like there might have been an opportunity there during the setup of the PDM client? or maybe having never refreshed (or in fact never created) the cache it was only showing parts that the user had randomly highlighted in the file explorer view?

            But now I am left wondering what is the best option here - the cache update takes a while on the local machine. But should I clear everyone's cache at logout? and if I don't is there out of date information in there? perhaps it will delete everything they saved and didnt check in?

            Where do i find info on this rather than just experimenting?

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                Jim Sculley

                Read the PDF attached to the SPR below.  It explains how Clear Local Cache and  Clear Cache on Logout work. Basically, only read-only files will be deleted.  So new files and checked out files will not be deleted.  I would not clear the cache on logout, simply because it will take a lot of time on login to download everything from the archive server again.  Refresh will pick up any changes and only download those files.  After the first long download, subsequent downloads will be quick, provided that your standard parts library doesn't change much.