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    Manual Crosshatch is missing lines sections

    Ross Mayo

      A fairly spectacular looking bug, see attached.


      This comes from a manual area hatch/fill , set to hatch, ISO (Plastic), 0.5 spacing @ 0 deg, boundary.


      Tried switching to software opengl, no dice. Changing hatch from ISO (Plastic) to another mostly doesn't work, although the 'Earth or Ground', 'Honeycomb', and 'Stars', and a few others worked correctly.


      Hatching on top of it with another layer and a regional enclosed sketch is even more fun, because it has similar results, but not *exactly* similar - different line segments are removed.


      The bugs in hatching are driving me up a flippin wall. I can't do the exact same command and get the same results from drawing to drawing, it's going to find another crazy way to mess up the hatch.