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3D Interconnect and NX Assemblies

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Sep 18, 2017

I am working with a company where they use NX and we use Solidworks. We have been trying to find away so they can make changes in NX and it update my files and when I make a change it updates their files.So far they are going to have to redo all the work I do and I will have to redo all the work they do. The only advantage is I can actually open the NX assemblies, but there are limitations using their files.


One problem I am having is when I open the assembly and save the assembly as a SW Assembly file, all the parts are still referencing the original *.prt . I opened and saved all the parts as SW parts and tried to change the part reference to the assembly, but it forcefully kept its original reference to the *prt file.


Another problem is when I have either the NX or the saved SW assembly opened it will not allow me to open the referenced *prt file from within the assembly. Even though I have the *.prt file available.


I can work with the NX assembly files, but when I add them to my existing SW file it kills performance. Working with Exported NX files are not any better, plus it makes it that much harder for us to work with our customer. I know saving as SW file isn't any help either. That is why I am looking to see if anyone else has found a reasonable solution yet?


I hope there are some improvements coming to 3D interconnect, but I am not holding my breathe?