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Cylinder Hydroforming

Question asked by Hossein Namazyfard on Sep 18, 2017

I am currently designing a pressure vessel in the shape of a cylindrical tank with end caps. My plan is to actually create this tank using sheet metal. Once the cylindrical tank is created, I will hydroform the flat end caps to "balloon" into a dome like feature. However, when hydroforming, the end caps are not the only material that deforms, some of the material from the cylinder portion gets "pulled in" into the curvature. I want to run strength and stress analysis on this deformed shape. I have already created a basic cylindrical tank with flat end caps. Is there a way to create this "ballooning" in SolidWorks? I understand how to pressurize it in Simulation but this does not "pull in" the cylindrical portion into the curvature. Please let me know if there is anyway of doing this. Thank you in advance!