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Need feedback on SWW Presentation for SSP

Discussion created by Grant Mattis on Sep 18, 2017
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I have been convinced to apply to present at SWW2018 by Alin Vargatu. The company that I work for is also giving me full support and allowing me to use their models in my presentation. I'm also a continuing education instructor at a local community college so have experience presenting. What I need help with is the language that will attract attendees and the decision makers for presenters at SWW. I'm finding I keep rewriting and tweaking the two paragraphs below. If users here are able to respond and let me know if you read the items below as a choice for the breakout sessions would you choose to attend? If you would not attend please let me know if it is because you know the topic has no application to your everyday work or because it sounds boring etc... Your feedback is much appreciated as I need to get this application submitted in the next days.


Brief Description (300 characters max):

Do you make changes at the end of a project and find them very time consuming? Do you use top-down modeling? Do you want to learn more about it? Come see real world examples of how to use, work efficiently and what to watch out for in the Skeleton Sketch Part (SSP) method of Top-Down modeling.


Attendee Benefits (300 characters max):

Attendees will no longer be confined to bottom-up design, they will gain a powerful method where changes are driven from a single location, the Skeleton Sketch Part (SSP). When applied with effective design intent 90% of time can be saved when deal with changes towards the end of a project.