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I'm sure im doing it the wrong way.. How to manually sketch a picture?

Question asked by Ibraheem Harak on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Solid Works

Hey there


I'm trying to make a sketch out of a silhouette picture.. as you can see in the attached file there's a lot of details in the picture so the auto-trace feature wasn't of great help.. so following a tutorial I saw, I started drawing a spline on a plan with the picture inserted in the background..


It took me a huge number of points to get a shape that's near to the actual photo.. with some details wrecked though!


So I have 2 questions here that I'd like to ask please,


1. Is there any efficient way to get a same or better result for what I'm trying to do? Im starting to think that I'm doing this in a totally wrong way.


2. For the words.. I tried on a different file to insert a font and could successfully use it.. however upon trying to match its size to the size of the text in the picture, I couldnt get it to exactly match the size in the picture.. so for this file i did the same old spline trick on the words.. it took some effort and it looks a little bit spooky.. so the question is: Is there a way to type those words with the same font (that I will insert) and with same size as the picture inserted?



Im sorry if that was long.. and thanks in advance