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YSWUG Meeting - Two Presentations on Various SolidWorks Assembly Techniques

Question asked by Chris Scarlett on Sep 17, 2017

Fall Meeting 2017: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday October 11th, 5:30pm to 8pm at Yakima Maker Space with two presentations, from our local group here in Yakima on various assembly techniques.  One will be from Casey Jones of Docent Design and Randy Franklund of Blueline Manufacturing Company.  This will be a fun evening learning about assemblies references, weldments and sheet metal design.  Plus pizza, pop and a raffle with great prizes.  Please make contact if you plan on attending.


“Creating Weldments and Sheet Metal Models with External References” – How to Use External References to Drive an Assembly with Weldments and Sheet Metal Parts, as presented by Randy Franklund and Charles Swank of  Blueline Manufacturing Company.  They will demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of using a weldment structure to drive sheet metal parts in an assembly. Beginning with creating the single weldment part to adding the sheet metal, and finishing with a quick review of creating the drawings.

“SolidWorks Assembly Techniques” - Using Embedded and Linked Design in an Assembly Model, as presented by Casey Jones of Docent Design.  This presentation will provide an overview of assembly techniques focusing on imbedding your design intent into your assembly and designing your parts in the assembly application within SolidWorks. The advantages: different outcomes that are affected downstream in the product life cycle and the ability to make fast and effective changes to your design.



Docent Design is a consulting and specialized tooling manufacturer located in Yakima Washington. They have a strong core in tool design and fabrication, custom machinery, part design, Manufacturing Consulting, and Lean Solutions. They provide turn key designs and processes so there is minimal impact to the end user often working onsite with their customers. They have provided several Custom CNC forming machines, manufacturing production assembly tooling, online parts technical documents and factory production equipment such as guards, and large scale platform structures. Docent Design works in many different industries from aerospace to agriculture.

Randy Franklund is a CAD Designer at Blueline Manufacturing Company. He has been working with SolidWorks for over six years and now is primarily focused on weldments and sheet metal design in the manufacturing setting.

RAFFLE:  Great raffle prizes form our great sponsors available at the end of our presentations. 

Upcoming Meeting: on Wednesday November 15th, the second annual SLUGME event.  Don’t miss it!

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Hector Reyes, Chris Scarlett and the YSWUG team