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Has anyone written an equivelent for sldsetpocprops.exe that works for sldlfp files?

Question asked by Jay Patterson on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Don Carter

A lot of the standard weldment profiles that are shipped with SolidWorks were obviously made from taking the toolbox structural member shapes and saving out their sketch as a library feature part. Unfortunately, they didn't clear the toolbox flag when they did it so these files still read as toolbox parts. When you take your library and save it into a PDM vault (standard or professional) you get errors that you have toolbox parts in a non toolbox folder. The obvious fix is to run the sldsetdocprops application on the files before checking them in but that only works for sldprt files. Has anyone sat down and written an API to set the toolbox flag on a sldlfp part?


Thanks in advance