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native Solid Edge files in SWX PDM and 3D Interconnect

Question asked by Ulrich Hanisch on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Ryan McVay

When searching in the VRC knowledge base, I found, that it needs a full install of Solid Edge (API) to read the properties into the SWX PDM. Does anyone know ad hoc, if this is still the case in 2018? If so: does anyone know, why this is so limitated? 3D Interconnect reads native Edge properties into the resulting SLDPRT. Independend, if maintain the xRef to native PAR or if breaking the link and create unreferenced SLDPRT ... it would be extremely helpful, if SWX MCAD + SWX PDM would have the same level of intelligence and if both would correspond to each other, so that MCAD + PDM can be used together in a meaningful way :-)