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Mixed up Library components and Vault components - Workgroup PDM

Question asked by John Wayman on Sep 15, 2017

I have messed up the settings of our Workgroup PDM system, so that our Component Library directory was not included in the list of directories to be prevented from Check-In.

As a result, I have a couple of projects in the Vault that use library sub-assemblies, but which refer to a copy of the library sub-assembly in the Vault, rather than the library sub-assembly on our server.

The Library sub-assembly and the copy in the Vault have the same name.

I have changed the settings in my Vault Management to include the library folders in the list of folders not to check-in.

Now how do I persuade these projects to use the library copy of the sub-assembly and not the Vault copy, so that I can eventually delete the rogue copy from the Vault?

I tried a simple Check-out, Open, Right-Click, Replace Components, but you can't replace a component with one of the same name.

I think I am a little beyond the limit of my own incompetence here.



SW2016, SP5

Windows 10 Pro.