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    EPDM Save and Check-in in one step

    Dwayne Parrott

      Anyone know where this option is in the Administration set-up for EPDM. I remember I had this turned on in the last system.

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          Daljeet Singh

          save and check in.JPG

          Are you talking about Save and Check in as shown in the image?
          if that is what you are looking for, that comes by default in web2 to edit data card by checking it out and then save and check it in back

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              Dwayne Parrott

              Thanks for the reply its not that, as we create new files in EPDM they are not checked in immediately after. They actually become private state until we check-in the files then they are vaulted and assigned a state. Anyone know where the setting is in EPDM to save and check-in in one step?



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                  Craig Schultz

                  In your templates under admin:


                  Files and folders -->



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                      Jason Capriotti

                      Craig, this only works if you are creating new files via the template function. If you are dragging and dropping files into the system to add them, they do not get checked in automatically, they are just "added" to the private state (Which you can turn on now for the users to see).


                      You can setup the "Dispatch" add-in to auto check-in the files on the "ADD" operation. The only catch is it does give an error if you do a "Save as" on the file from within the application as it can't check the file in with the file open in the application, so this only works well with mass drag and drop operations. You can limit the Dispatch to only run on certain file types like .BMP or .JPG files though.


                      This Dispatch script checks in all files in any folder with \Projects\ in the path. It also check the file back out assuming that the user still wants to work on them. This was created since users couldn't view private files at the time. Just remove the "Check out file" line if you don't want it checked back out.


                      Dispatch Add.jpg