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      I totally agree as well. I want the curve back!

      Ken Maren
      Muderlak Design
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          Inspiring video!

          You should do this for a living.

          Gerald Davis CSWP
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            Point well taken Dale and Neil. I'm mention something to our developers. In the meantime, there is always UNDO.


            Mark Biasotti
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              Is there some sort of message that notifies the user this is about to happen? Something like, "This feature was last editied with an older version of SolidWorks. Editing this feature may change resulting geometry even if no settings are changed. Do you wish to proceed?"

              I sometimes edit a feature just to examine some setting or repair a damaged reference. It would be good to know that such an action could cause a geometry change. The ramifications on a boat's hull...
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                Only if the feature is edited


                Mark Biasotti
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                  I thought enough people put up a stink about the curvature comb graphic display that we were going to see the line connecting the top ends of the porcupine coming back. So much easier to read a curve than just the lines of the porcupine.
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                    on 2006 7 17:17 neil wrote:
                    >> Can the curvature combs can be displayed for crossing curves simultaneously?
                    MAB ¡V Neil, thanks for your kind reply. Yes, in fact, you can display combs on the mesh, see attached.
                    > Perhaps you would want to minimize the number of control curves and points, a bit
                    MAB - agreed, but the intent was to show how I could exploit the hull drawing using as much of the information from the drawing. The deviation is most probably due to the fact of the inaccuracy of the paper drawing. The proper and more accurate way to do this, of course, would be to use the values in the table on the drawing and reproduce the spline in 2D, but this would take some time and that was the whole point.
                    > I remember floating the idea of an auto smooth feature before for spline curvature -
                    > not simplification - Is that at all possible? or perhaps just for the overall
                    > resultant surface? The fine and coarse control of the pull is a nice
                    MAB ¡V yes, we have this idea on the project plans for some future release, of course, I can¡¦t tell you when our be shot ƒº
                    > refinement....hmmm didn't I think of that one?...anyway...
                    > Can I pull on multiple points and from different curves at the same time or control
                    > the proportionality?
                    MAB ¡V no, this is a current limitation of FreeForm, you can pull on multiple points, but only on one curve at a time, unless, that is, if that point is share (cross section) between two curves.
                    > I would like to see a decent demo of the new splines functionality too please.
                    MAB ¡V humm, will consider it.
                    > Funnily enough the exclusive handles look like something else I suggested in
                    > beta06...
                    MAB ¡V see, we really do listen ƒº
                    > Also could you address the doubts raised about the new C2 not being especially C2...
                    > and also give a recommendation for a workable file size for scan to 3d imports.
                    MAB ¡V I believe you are speaking of the Boundary feature and 2d and 3d Sketch splines C2. We are aware of the issues and have made some fixes in SP1. SP1 EV will be available in a week or so.
                    > thanks I know you have nothing to do..
                    MAB ¡V happy to answer your questions.


                    Mark Biasotti
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                      > MAB ¡V I believe you are speaking of the Boundary feature and 2d and 3d Sketch splines
                      > C2. We are aware of the issues and have made some fixes in SP1. SP1 EV will be available
                      > in a week or so.

                      Does this mean that models using this feature will have a geometry change on the next rebuild after the SP is applied?
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                        Holy cats!!!! Very nice Mark. I definitely will be spending some time understanding this Freeform Tool.
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                          The new freeform feature is pretty cool. You video is great. Is your boathull model available for download so I can study the feature better?

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                            There is a new video for this feature on the SolidWorks website. You can get to it by visiting our CPD page and clicking on the link entitled "Freeform Feature":


                            or directly


                            Mark Biasotti