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    BOM for Multiple items

    Jason Scherer

      Is there a way to have Solidworks return the number of packs of an Item I will use in an assembly?


      For example:

      If Widget A has 20 Black Oxide Alloy Steel Socket Head Screws 1/4" - 20 by 1/2 which I'm going to buy in packs of 100 from Mcmaster.


      Is there a way to attach a property to the SolidWorks file for the screw such that when my top level assembly has 4 of Widget A it will tell me that I need one box of screws but, when I have 6 of Widget A, the BOM will call for two boxes of screws?

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          Josh Brady

          If "Widget A" is a subassembly that contains the number of screws it needs, and you're looking for a property of the screw file, then yes.  Sort of.


          In the screw file, go to the custom properties, create a property called PackFraction or something.  Give it a value of 0.01.  Select that value in the "BOM quantity:" dropdown.  When that part shows up in any assembly, the BOM will automatically multiply the total qty in the assembly by the "BOM Quantity" property.  So if you have 200 screws, it will show 2 in the BOM.  If you have 201 screws, it will show 2.01


          Unfortunately, the responsibility for always rounding that value up to to the next whole number is yours as far as I know.


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            Steven Mills

            That works at the individual part level. But if you want something that goes through an entire assembly where multiples of this same part may be used and so you need to total them all up.... May want to see about making a macro at the top level that does that and lists out how many packs of parts X Y and Z are needed for each assembly.


            Or have a parts only BOM that combines like parts across multiple sub-assemblies. Then it's just a matter at looking at the total there and ordering however many packs of parts you need to get.

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              Scott Stuart

              If your company uses an MRP system, that system should do the conversion for you. MRP systems typically have a "stock unit of measure" and a "purchase unit of measure" with a conversion factor to go from one to the other. This would allow you to call out a quantity in your assembly in units of EA or PC and your purchasing folks can buy in units of PACKs.