Ove Larsen

Missing PDM shortcut when inserting components in assembly

Discussion created by Ove Larsen on Jan 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2009 by Luke Gierach

I recently moved from XP x86 to Vista x64 system on my computer, the vault is unchanged.
When I start a new assembly and try to insert parts from my vault from the "insert component/browse/open" dialoge box I cannot find the vault.

When I was running XP x86 I had an icon of the PDM vault in this box, but now I only have my computer and network drives.
I can accsess the vault from the tab on the right hand side, so the vault is connected ok.

I am running Solidworks Premium 2009 SP2 x64 (Vista Ultimate), connected to a PDM Workgroup 2009 server installed on a Windows server 2003 - small business server.

Anyone experienced the same?