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    Body Attributes after body is deleted

    Cody Kirsch

      What happens to an body's attribute if the attribute is not shown in the feature tree after the body is deleted? I know that when a attribute's body is deleted and it is shown the feature tree the part has a rebuild error but this does not happen when the attribute is not shown. I have a macro feature that a creates varying number of bodies and each of those bodies gets and attribute, and the number of those bodies can change when the macro feature is rebuilt. I want to make sure that there is not an unnecessary amount of attributes causing the file to bloat.

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          Cody Kirsch

          To answer this, they essentially become failed features hidden or not. If features or body may get deleted that have attributes, those attributes should be deleted else they can really slow down the regeneration of that model if a lot of failed attributes end up in the feature tree. If they are hidden attributes you can still get them when traversing the feature tree but they do show up as a failed feature.