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    Issues when using Flow Simulation

    Matthew Johnston



      I am trying to test the efficency of a Propeller I have modeled up using Flow Simulation. I have watched a few youtube videos (both in a langugae I do not speak) and tried to just follow the visuals. After copying both of their settings and trying with my propeller, both are giving me the same issue:



      I attached my files, if you could see where I am going wrong that would be awesome.


      Basically I just want to see the Flow Trajectories so I can make changes in the design to help it spin.



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          Iain McEwen

          Hi Matthew,


          It looks as though it's struggling to create a mesh for the singularity that you have at the end of the cone. Once I cut this off meshing completed successfully. (see image below)


          Without the feature history its difficult to see how this was produced, but a revolve with a small radius at the tip should work for you without affecting the results of the sim.