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Titan Computer... any opinions?

Question asked by Jonathan Wilkof on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Jody Smith

My philosophy has been buy the best computer with room for upgrades and keep it for a long time.  I currently run a Dell T5400 with Dual Xeon Quad cores at 2.5 Ghz that is now 10 years old and showing it's age.  I do quite a bit with Solidworks, but also many other apps at the same time (ERP system, SQL DB work, MS Office, etc).


Looking for the next great thing.  I've been looking at Boxx, Xi, and recently found Titan Workstation.  Titan seems to have the highest performance with costs 10-15% lower than the others.  I'm not considering Dell, HP, etc, because they really aren't pushing the boundaries like the other guys.  I've read reviews on this forum and people seem to really like Boxx.  Anyone have experience with Titan?  I'm going nuts over the x299 Vulcan 10!


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