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Where can I find (Buy) some 3D Models like trees, plants, people, ... maby as whole package?

Question asked by Sebastian Farkas on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Kevin Pymm


I`m a constructor in the playground sector and our clients are willing to get nice renderings to present them.

My problem ist, that we don`t have any decoration elements like trees, plants, maby animals like dogs, people etc. to make our presentations more realistic.

I tryed to find some nice in the internet, but I only found 3D architecture programms and some graphic parts, that are not compatible to SolidWorks.

If I open 3ds Models, the problem is that most of them have like planes in the model and i can't hide them.

The other problem is that they are all without textures and I am not able to assign them.


To get to the point, I am searching for compatible 3D Design Models (in a package) for SolidWorks to buy.


I would be really greatful if somebody could help me


Kind regards, Sebastian