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    treehouse not opening

    David Trevena


      treehouse will open but the templates default to the computers 'C' drive we have templates on server & when in settings you change template to server treehouse crashes never to start again!!


      we have solidworks 2017 sp4.1

      our templates are on a server


      Any ideas

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          Adam Hartles

          David, there is this SPR, but supposedly fixed for SP3. I would firstly copy your templates locally to a new C Drive path- try and add them to Treehouse and see if there is a crash- if no then it mist be down to having them on the network, if yes it is likely template specific. Then try your colleague's machines to see if generic or machine specific. Then send to your VAR who can test and if needs be escalate to SW as this could be a new SPR that needs writing.