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Extension past dim line in saved dim styles doesn't update?

Question asked by John Boire on Sep 13, 2017

So I have some saved dim styles for quickly adding standard tolerances and styles. (+/- .001, .002, .005 ect)

However the extension past the dim line was set up to an earlier format @ .06 in and we are trying to adjust it to .03 in


I have set the new standard in the sheet format in:
Document Properties > Dimensions > Extension Lines > Gap and Beyond Dimension Line

Format change.PNG


this change is not reflected in the saved dim styles when they are placed in the drawing:



until I go to the Tolerance/Precision area and click on either input box then tab out of it:



This is fine and normally I would just update and overwrite the saved dim style, however even after updating and saving the dim style I still have to go through the whole rigmarole again to get the lines to conform to the new style, hitting Ctrl + Q doesn't update the appearance either. The only way that works to get the new format in is to "Edit" the tolerance/precision value (as mentioned above simply clicking the value input box and then "tab"-ing out of it works).



I have also rebuilt the dim style from scratch, setting the style up properly and then saving it to overwrite the original and still I need to do the "Tab out" method to get lines to look right.


Any ideas on what I am missing?