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exporting drawing to adobe illustrator problems

Question asked by Joel Rapoport on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Joe Holewski

hello all,


i have a logo i made in solidworks. now i want to move it to illustrator so i can send the file as a clean filled graphics with no outline (or stroke, in illustrator i guess) to the client.

anyway, its just a few very basic shapes with fillets.

then i export them to DXF or illustrator files from the drawing.

but when i try to get a closed shape, filled with color inside illustrator, i get color only in the corners.

i cant seem to figure what the problem is.

here is a part of the graphics, in the drawing, and after i try to fill it in illustrator:


any ideas will be great.

i guess the illustrator doesn't recognize the square as a closed shape, and i dont know how to define it as a closed shape.

i have to admit that my illustrator skills are very bad and that is the cause of the problem, but i hope you guys can help me out to figure this on going problem that i have when exporting to illustrator.


thanks in advance,