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    Standard Icons but different sizes ????

    Dave Bear

      Hi all,

      Has anybody ever come across this before? I have found that I am getting different sized standard icons and I don't know why.

      I did a forum search and found a thread about the same issue but there was never any responses to it, so that didn't help.


      Here's a screenshot of some parts files, I have drawn a red line in front of the smaller icons

      File Icon 1.jpg


      And here's the same issue with Assembly files.....

      File Icon 2.jpg


      To be honest, I can't think when this may have started but I only noticed it today.

      All files are playing nicely and I don't seem to have any issues but there must be a logical reason for this and I'm curious to know.

      Clutching at straws, but could this be related to purging the backup files when you use Solidworks "System Maintenance"?


      As a footnote, I'm using SW2016 SP3 on Windows 8.1 64bit. My computer does NO upgrades without my approval and none have been done lately anyhow.


      Kind regards,