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Get Annotation Note in all Number of Instances in Drawing

Question asked by Parth Patel on Sep 12, 2017
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I want Annotation in my drawing sheet related to my components in assembly. So i had put one note into the "Part1" & "Part2" then i put those parts into one assembly with Two qty of "Part1" and One qty of "Part2" then made one drawing with Front View, Side View and Top View after pacing views in sheet i used "MODEL ITEMS" Feature in drawing for getting those components note in my drawing sheet. so it gave me the Annotation note which i placed into the my "Part1 & Part2" model but it gave the notes in only front view note in other view like Top View, Side View and in the assembly i used two qty of "Part1" but the feature gave me only one note from one of them. it won't give the no of instance annotation.


My requirement is like belwo.

In my Assembly i used One part for many times by using pattern and replacement also so i need same note in all instances and in all views also.  In the assemblty i got all instances note but not in drawing.

For more clarification i attached pics of one sample drawing . Kindly review it.

I think may be it will done by API or Macro. So if it is possibly then kindly help on me.