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    Logitech G602 mouse presets

    DJ Saunders

      I just bought a Logitech G602 wireless mouse and I am wanting to get a good use of the preset buttons on it. What layout of functions do any of you use on your G602

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          Paul Risley

          I use the MX master 2s and it is similar to the G602. Buttons and mouse gesture combinations to include keyboard shortcut combinations. I use them in conjunction with my keyboard settings in Solidworks.


          I actually have it set up with button control mouse up=shift + c to the right=control + q then down is =save. So in the model enviroment I push my mid button and make an upward then clockwise rotation. To minimize my tree, rebuild and save my documents.


          With having the mid button + down as save it works across the board on all documents.


          Before I did this I never realized how much mouse travel I had in open documents just to save them.


          I use this in conjunction with the mouse gestures assigned in Solidworks already which makes modelling pretty slick. I just moved up from 4 mouse gestures to 8 in Solidworks. Takes a little getting used to, but once you do it is pretty fricking slick.

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            Matt Peneguy

            I've got the G600 and here are my side button mappings:


            DimensionRebuildCenter RectangleCircle
            EscPasteCorner RectangleCenterline
            MeasureCopyLineNormal To

            It's not optimal, but I use the dimension, measure and normal to buttons all the time.