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    Solidworks Electrical 2017 SP3 slow Selection

    Alessandro Perego

      Hello, here we are again to ask a question:


      Have you ever experience a slow selection time ( 20-30 second) when working with imported dxf or dwg?

      There's something to do to speed up the drawing experience in SW Electrical?


      I Feel a little bit frustrated when i have to scale 2D footprints or symbols

      Thanks for  sharing me your experience.

      Have a good Time



        • Re: Solidworks Electrical 2017 SP3 slow Selection
          Andrew Holowack

          Hi Allessandro,


          We have the same issue. I think that it imports a lot of DXFs and DWGs in a way that creates a large number of short lines or curves. If I have time when importing footprints i delete all unnessesary lines and sometimes even redraw sections. I know that probably doesn't help you much but I do experience the same thing and it seems to be in all versions of the software I have used.