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Getting Rid of Draft

Question asked by Paul Clor on Sep 11, 2017
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Trimming With UV Lines Does Not Work.JPGDraft.JPGDraft-Sketch-Final.JPGIntersect does Not Work.JPGTrimming Does Not Work.JPGBack Ground we are a Stamping Die Company we have a couple of guys run auto cad, we got a guy on V5, and a guy NX9. We have a seat of solidworks and we have gone through a few people one of the main things the solidworks guys have a real hard time with is changing customer parts. The last guy told us this can not be done with solidworks. I am not a cad User I am the director of Operations. But I can not believe this to be true, However we hired a new guy and he seems to have the same problem so I made him make me some screen  shots of the part and I would like to know if this can be done or not. We keep going through solidwork users but we never have problems with auto cad, v5 or NX. Now NX, and V5 we have to have based on Customers. We were bouncing back and forth between Auto-Cad and Solidworks cause we need to Update. But before we move forward I need to look into this more. So here is what he has tired so far. So I really need to know if its the software or the people we are hiring. I would really appreciate any feed back. thanks for your time.