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windows 10 1703 graphic issues - 2017

Question asked by Brian Schwartz on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Brian Schwartz

Hi, having a issue on a clean install of windows 10 1703.


i can view the models fine are are quite quick to load and no issues with low fps. however when going to detail drawings, the background is blue and sometime a big black anomaly pops up and the machine becomes unresponsive. switching to windows 8 compat mode seems to fix the anomaly and crashing. how ever the blue background is driving me nuts. i have tried repairing sw install, uninstalling rebooting, installing, rebooting. software opengl on or off makes no diff. even tried a fresh profile login and no diff. attached is the screen and the RX diag screen everything hardware seems to check out. even tried a diff card and made no diff.





sw screwup.jpg


sw screwup2.jpg