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EPDM Add-in with menu command and .NET version issue

Question asked by Rajendra Vedaraju on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Rajendra Vedaraju

Hello all,

I have an issue below and thought someone else might have experienced and can share their thoughts too.


I built a simple Add-in using this link from Help (below) and set the .NET Framework to latest (4.5). But when I click on the menu "First Command", it does not display the message boxes. And if I change the .NET to 2.0, it works. I need to make it work with .NET 4.5 because I have some dependant 3rd party dll's which don't work on older .NET.  

My environment: Visual Studio 2013 & EPDM 2016 Sp2


2016 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Creating Menu Commands (VB.NET)