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Mating bevelled structural members

Question asked by Nolan L. on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by Nolan L.

I am trying to create an assembly of bevel cut structural member sections to form a 'ski' or 'sled' as part of a base for a piece of equipment.

I am having difficulty mating these short sections of bevelled pipe into place in a straight aligned fashion.

The finished product doesn't need to actually be composed of structural members, so long as I have dimensioned the material accordingly. If this is possible to replicate without structural members I am completely open to learning a new method.

I have attached a sketch of what I am attempting to prepare.


The material is 8-5/8" O.D Schedule 40 (P8) steel.

The short sections are first sized with a 9" bottom measurement and a 8" top measurement (think trapazoidal shape in profile view) giving a 87 degree bevel (or 3 degrees from vertical).


Thanks in advance