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    Is there a way to put and "if-then" function in a drawing title-block property?

    Peter Cranshaw

      I have a couple of places in my titleblocks where I would like to be able to override the property value coming from an assembly/part and replace it with a custom value.


      One of the values is the FINISH property.


      My thinking is to create a FINISH property in the drawing as well as have it in the assembly/part. The conditional in the title block text would l look something like this ( this is not intended to be real code )


      If ($PRP:"FINISH") == ""                       # If the "FINISH" property on the drawing is empty

           then  ($PRPSHEET:"FINISH")         # then use the assembly/part "FINISH" property

           else  ($PRP:"FINISH")                     # else use the drawing "FINISH" property



      I'm hoping with something like this while I can leave property values like ....






      ..alone, and I can override ones like....




      .. that don't fit readily in the available space on the titleblock with


      SEE NOTE #3


      .. simply by entering it in the drawing properties.


      I know I can edit this manually on a sheet with the "Edit Sheet Format" command but when I have drawings with 10 or more sheets, this becomes a really big inconvenience. Plus if for any reason I have to change the formats (size, new co. logo, change of address), that manual work is lost.


      I've tried finding ways of inserting this as an equation.  I tried seeing if I could insert it as a table.  Nothings worked for me.


      The only other alternative that I can see is to place the different properties on different layers and control their visibility that way, but I'm afraid that would be confusing for other people in my office.


      I'm hoping I've missing something.


      Thanks for your help.