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Considering an upgrade

Question asked by Matthew Theakstone on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Brian McEwen

Hi there,

I have been pondering over buying solidworks. My current Hp envy used to run solidworks 2013 very well for my needs however this was just a trial version. The laptop has the following specs:

CPU: A10 5750M  (2.5ghz)

Gpu: AMD radeon HD 8650G and HD 7670M dual graphics.


I expect to use sheet metal and be using single parts (for plasma cutting) or very small assemblies (less than 100 parts), I may use FEA though this depends more upon whether i want to invest in solidworks professional at this time or not.


I have been looking at buying a

HP Pavilion 24-b212na 23.8" Touchscreen All-in-One PC

this has an integrated r7 graphics card, AMD A12 9730 CPU 2.8Ghz (3.5 turbo). 2mb cache


HP Pavilion 24-b209na 23.8" All-in-One PC

this has an amd radeon r5 graphics card, AMD A9 9410 CPU 2.9Ghz (3.5 turbo). 1mb cache


i am aware that solidworks certified graphics cards are better (firepro etc) however i have been looking and i can easily spend an extra £500 to get this sort of spec.

these could be possibilities if people think this is a very good alternative/benefit.


precision m5510

precision m3510


I wouldn't think of upgrading however this laptop is currently becoming alot slower than before especially when turning on and is having some heating issues so i am losing trust in it.


I know these posts can  be annoying but i'm not fully tech savvy to spend this money without having other peoples opinions.


Many thanks,