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SoldWorks Performance Issues

Question asked by Eric Hamm on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Jim Wilkinson

I am trying to use solidworks on the New Surface Pro(2017)  i7  8gb RAM and I am running into some really weird performance issues.  I can barely make files.  It struggles to make the first sketch.  The client freezes up and crashes. Once i get into the sketch I can work without any issues but when i try to go back and edit them solidworks freezes again and crashes.  What I find weirdest is Solidworks is only using 200mb of ram at that point there is 4 more gb to use and the there is plenty cpu left.  Open GL box is checked and I couldn't uncheck it if I tried.  None of the safe modes made a difference.  Any other cad I run (Inventor and Fusion) work fine.