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The 10th Weekly Power-User Challenge (September 15th, 2017): Measuring Wine Carafe

Question asked by Alin Vargatu on Sep 8, 2017
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Hello SOLIDWORKS Power-Users and welcome to the 10th WPUC!


Other than having fun solving riddles, the goal of this week's WPUC is the same as always: facilitate through brainstorming the finding of new techniques for the benefit of the SOLIDWORKS Community.


Hopefully we will:

  1. Identify areas where SOLIDWORKS' functionality needs enhancements
  2. Design workarounds to overcome the current lack of functionality
  3. Submit new ERs or promote existing ERs that are relevant to this WPUC topic.


The story is well know by all of us. A description of the challenge in video format can be found here: 10th SOLIDWORKS Weekly Power User Challenge: Measuring Carafe - YouTube


Snow White needs our help in taking better care of the seven dwarfs. Apparently they are getting too much wine at dinner, so she needs measurement lines inscribed on the wine carafe.


The dwarfs have modeled the carafe using SOLIDWORKS 2015, so if you have the 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 versions, you could help them.


Please download the attached model.


This week you could win up to 6,000 points, as follows:


1. For eternal glory and 1000 points, be the first to estimate the volume of wine this carafe could hold. Provide the result in US fluid ounces, 3 decimal places, lower accuracy level.


2. For a bit more glory and 2000 points, be the first to place the measuring lines correctly. Please use 3 decimal places for both volume (US fluid ounces) and dimensions (inch). The height of each line is controlled by a global variable, as explained in the video.


3. For maximum glory and 3000 points, be the first to demonstrate that the method you used, in placing the measuring lines correctly, is the most efficient one. You can describe your workflow in writing and/or by recording a video.



Because the level of difficulty is lower in this challenge, I would ask the VAR and SOLIDWORKS employees to not submit solutions until Wednesday, the 13th of September at noon.


We accept submissions until Friday, the 15th of September, at noon, EDT.